What to Consider When Shopping for Plant Support Clips Online

If you want to maximize the growth and health of your plants, securing them to your trellis or stake is the best way to go. They’ll help plants like roses, tomatoes, et cetera stand nice and tall. If you are looking for plant support clips, here are some things you should consider.

Firm but Gentle Hold

While it is important that your plants be properly secured to your trellis, you don’t want to risk damaging the stalk either. The best type of clip for your plants is one that is gentle and will hold your plants in place without pinching them. With the right clip, you can easily train your plants to grow upright as well as reposition it if needed.

Easy To Use

You should look for clips that allow you to attach them with one hand, so you can use your other hand to hold the stem. Unlike garden twists, support clips eliminate the need for tying and cutting in order to attach them. With the right support clips, you can simply squeeze them to open and release once you have it positioned where you want it.

By choosing the right plant support clips, you will be able to support the growth of your climbing plants in a safe way. And with an easy application process that only requires one hand, you can ensure that your clips are attached perfectly every time.

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