Much More than Cord, Garden and Cable Organizing Clips...

Choose Your GadgetKlips

Your GadgetKlips

Available in 3 Sizes and Multiple Quantities:

Small - White and Green

Medium - Blue and Green

Large - Black and Green


Every household, business and workspace needs (at least!) 20.

Why? You'll find so many uses, you're going to need a bunch of them. The GadgetKlip’s unique design hugs and doesn’t pinch and can be used indoors and out for everything from cord and cable management, to vining plants and garden hoops and a whole lot more.

GadgetKlip is made in the USA from specialty, medical grade plastic and stainless steel wings.

GadgetKlip is an Indoor/Outdoor, Universal Cable and Cord Organizing Clip perfect for:

  • Home

  • Office

  • Work

  • Garden

  • Holiday Decor

  • Music/Video

  • Camping

  • Tradeshows

  • Cords

  • Cables

  • Plants

  • Wires

  • Christmas Lights

  • Garden Hoops

  • Ropes

  • Much More