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Much More than Cord, Garden and Cable Organizing Clips...

Michael and Sherryl, inventors of Gadgetklip, are proud to bring you this fine product that is uncluttering homes and businesses all over the world! Gadgetklip is literally a labor of love—the result of Michael and Sherryl’s marriage and the two of them “keeping it together” for over three decades.


This simple yet ingenious card and cable organizing clip was initially designed and brought to market to “hug” and not “pinch” wires and cables the way normal, everyday binder clips do. This keeps them tightly bunched instead of going every which way as unbound cables tend to.


GadgetKlip is an essential organizational item. After all, who wants a messy and/or cluttered home or business? Over time, GadgetKlip’s impressive list of applications has grown, with people finding new and unique uses for it every day. Whether behind the desktop computer, in the kitchen, hugging holiday light strings, electrical cords or audio cables, Gadgetklip is the perfect answer to many of life’s “open ended” questions. GadgetKlip can be found at many of your favorite retailers, including Amazon, Meijer, Home Depot, & more!


Sherryl Despres

President, GCK Products, LLC


Michael Despres

President, GCK Products, LLC

If you have a new idea or use for the Gadgetklip we would love to hear about it!

Please feel free to email us at sales@gadgetklip.com.  Five percent of our profits go to charity so, you can feel extra good about feeling organized.

U.S. Patent Nos. 10,527,076 and D869,554. Patented in Canada, Mexico, the EU, China, Hong Kong and India.


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