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Much More than Cord, Cable and Garden Organizing Clips....

Stainless steel wings and specialty, medical grade industrial plastic.
Made in the USA, GadgetKlip is designed to hug instead of pinch and is a long lasting, premium product that can be used indoors and out!

"Christmas light hassles are over with GadgetKlip"


"Why didn't I think of Gadgetklip?"


"GadgetKlip makes set up and take down of my trade show booth a snap..."


"I use GadgetKlip all over the house, garage, and garden – inside and outside..."


"It’s like GadgetKlip was made my for my RV and boat!"


"I love my GadgetKlips!"


"In my video production company keeping cords and cables organized is always an issue. GadgetKlip solves that problem "


"Not only does it do what it says, it looks good too..."


"I love these things.  So handy!"


The Many Uses of GadgetKlip


Home Theater, Kitchen, Bathroom, Small Appliances, Christmas Lights

green gadgetklip

Vining Plants, Garden Hoops, Screens, Trellis Work

Cord Organizing Clip

Home Theater, Kitchen, Bathroom, Small Appliances, Christmas Lights

christmas lights

Christmas Lights in Trees and on Siding, Cord Storage


XLR Cables, Instrument Strings, Headphone Cords


Power Cords, Small Appliances, Ropes

blue gadgetklip

A/V Cables, Signs, Document Fasteners

green gadgetklip on tomato plant

Almost any cord that needs bundling, management and organization!

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Every household, business and workspace need 20. Why? Because you will find nearly endless uses for this space-saving, cord capturing marvel. The GadgetKlip’s unique design hugs and doesn’t pinch, organizing cables of every kind for the ultimate under desk wire management solution.

The next time you need an electronic cord organizer, extra large binder clips, or Christmas light clips, grab a made-in-the-USA GadgetKlip!