GadgetKlip – The Next Generation Solution For Keeping It All Together

It always seems that each new piece of technology, electronic gadget or latest gizmo still requires a cord or a cable. Battery backup, charging, printing, all require cords or cables. The problem is, how do you keep them all together without tangling or coiling up. Forget the zip ties, binder clips and sticky tape. Now, there is a new electronic cord organizer called GadetKlip.

GadgetKlip is a revolutionary new way to gently hold all your cord, cables, and wires. The patented design wraps itself around your cords and cables with a gentle “hug” without pinching or twisting for a new level of security and handling. Keep cords, wires, and cables safely out of sight with GadgetKLip. Available in three colors and sizes, white for small items, blue for medium, and black for large to handle all your electronic cord organizer needs.

But that’s not all. Made in America, GadgetKlip stainless steel “wings” are rust proof and make this the ideal project item not just for tech uses, but for everywhere inside or outside of your home, office, or workspace. Imagine not having to wrangle the Christmas lights on the outside of your home, when you can safely and easily clip them together. Put together large information packets for your next meeting or group together utensils for easy storage. A virtual crafter’s delight, GadgetKlip can keep all your crafting tools organized and in place ready for use. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever your organizational need, try GadgetKlip. For more information, contact