GadgetKlip Announcement Press Release

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.Sept. 6, 2019 — Inventor of GadgetKlip, Michael Despres, today announced that the much anticipated GadgetKlip, is slated for launch at the Ace Fall Convention this week in Atlanta, GA. GadgetKlip, a brand new product from GCK Products, LLC is years in the making and will replace now antiquated twist ties and standard binder clips. GadgetKlip’s unique and patented design hugs wires and cables instead of pinching them, making it the new standard in cord and cable management. GadgetKlip is debuting in three sizes and colors; small/white, medium/blue, and large/black.

GCK Products, manufacturer of GadgetKlip, is headed by husband and wife team, Michael and Sherryl Despres. Sherryl, a professional actor, is taking time out of her thespian endeavors to dedicate her time to this new marvel. She took the top spot at the company as GCK’s President as well as being its spokesperson. Michael, as Vice President, runs the day to day operations. GadgetKlip, in truth, is a labor of love produced by a couple that recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Filling out the top spots at GCK is it’s Vice President of Sales, Matthew Panken.

“It was essential to do this correctly and locally,” Michael stated confidently, referring to the years of work getting this to market and its manufacturing in his hometown of West Michigan. “Once people see GadgetKlip in action, their minds will go wild with ideas for its multitude of uses,” Michael continued. Michael’s reference to GadgetKlip’s laundry list of uses isn’t an exaggeration. Furthering this fact are the stainless steel wings that exponentially increase the application possibilities as they won’t rust, making them perfect for outdoors. The stainless steel wings also increase longevity in this new made in the USA product. “Just think about people’s battle with Christmas lights every year.” “GadgetKlip is solving that problem in one fell swoop,” Matthew Panken, VP, Sales exclaimed excitedly!  In addition to Christmas lights, GadgetKlip is perfect for:

  • HOME
    Home Theater, Kitchen, Bathroom, Workshop, Garden
    Computer and Phone Cords, Ethernet Cables, Documents
  • BOAT
    Rigging Ropes, Electrical Cords, Fishing Poles
    XLR Cables, Instrument Strings, Headphone Cords
    Power Cords, Small Appliances, Ropes
    A/V Cables, Signs, Document Fasteners

GadgetKlip is entering the retail space soon, hence its debut and presence at the Ace Fall Convention in Atlanta next week. So be on the lookout for GadgetKlip at your favorite retailer. However, GadgetKlip is now available via its user-friendly, e-commerce site!  Be one of the first to own this new space-saving, chaos corralling organizational innovation. As Michael and Sherryl say, “every space needs at least 20!”

GadgetKlip is an indispensable organizational item that hugs and doesn’t pinch! GadgetKlip’s remarkable laundry list of uses has grown over time, with people finding new methods for its use every day. Whether behind a desktop computer, in a kitchen, holding the holiday light strings neatly together, or organizing electrical cords and audio cables, GadgetKlip is a textbook answer to many of life’s “open-ended” questions. For all the stuff that is fit to “Klip!” Buy some today at